Massage Singapore FAQs

1I've heard that Tantra is all about sex - is that correct?
Tantra is a celebration of the body, mind and spirit and is about slow, subtle, sensual, intimate touching that, in most of us, awakens and/or satisfies sexual feelings. With Tantric Massage, I've the ability to transfer my inner essence to you, not only through touch but also visually from the way I move my body. This will build up in you energy and excitement that will naturally flow into and through your body. My Tantra isn't about full sex - if a full sexual service is what you think you require, reconsider and try this first.
2So, to be specific, what don't you do?
I don’t ever: - provide full sex, - give or receive intimate oral, - kiss or allow kissing on or around the face. It's important you have the right expectations, and that I’ll be offended if you ask for, or attempt to manoeuvre, any of my 'dont's' or seek to do anything unacceptable to me (see also Q5).
3So, what do you do?
I provide a friendly, naturist, skillful and tantalising Tantric massage in warm, ambient Tantric surroundings. For a further insight into my Tantra, I do have movies showing a little of how I work. You can view these for a small charge, payable through paypal. Please go to the movies section of my website.
4I'm a very tactile person so can I touch you during the appointment?
You'll be laid down for your experience and, for 80% of the time, in RECEIVE mode to maximise the feelings I create in your body. Only when I say it's ok for you to do so in the final 20% of the time may you touch me gently and with my guidance. I don't welcome attempts if you try to: - touch me before I say it's ok; - try to dominate or lead the session in any way (remember that I'm the Tantric giver and you're the recipient); - ignore my wishes/instructions/do's & dont's. If you ignore the above, you run the risk of me not continuing with the massage and/or not welcoming you back for a subsequent booking. If in doubt about my do's & dont's, please email me on
5Do you offer discounts either introductory or for regulars?
Not introductory discounts but, when I occasionally increase my prices, I usually continue to charge existing clients at the previous rates, for a while at least.
6Why are you more expensive than other massage providers?
What I give is a true Tantric spiritual and physical experience in wonderful ambient surroundings that facilitate the flow of my essence into you. You receive sensual touch that’s amazingly silky and a feeling of total immersion into something wonderful for the time you’re with me. You also enjoy a TLC that’s very personal and, once experienced, will make you want to return again and again. Cost is always relative, though, in that to some I’m expensive but to others I’m unbelievably great value for money!
7Why don’t you talk to clients on the telephone?
Four reasons – 1) I require a record of all communication with you and emails/texts provide that whereas phone calls don’t; 2) I'm often unable to answer the phone and haven't the time to do callbacks; 3) The mobile signal in my apartment is poor and supports texting much better than phone calls; 4) My website provides all the information you need but, if you do have a further query, an email or text exchange will more than suffice.
8How much notice do you need for an appointment and what are your hours of work?
That varies depending on demand, but I like to be full of energy for each appointment and be able to greet and work with all clients equally. The more notice you can give me the better as you're much more likely to secure your preferred day/time and it also allows me to plan for your appointment. I work in Singapore 7 days a week as required, from my earliest start time of 10.00 to my latest finish time of 23.00.
9Do you travel for appointments?
Yes , I do outcall massage in Singapore , visiting , hotel , apartment.
10Can I pay by cheque or PayPal?
Cheques can appear to be made of paper but can be deceptively made of rubber, so my answer is ‘no’. PayPal charge for each transaction so you’d need to pay 20% more to cover that and pay in full in advance of your appointment. Cash on the day is always preferable and it's very important that you have this available as you arrive or no later than when we sit on the sofa to chat briefly at the start.
11Will you meet me socially either before or after the appointment?
I like to remain professional in all of my appointments so the answer is always “No” to meeting you outside of an arranged appointment. Although I love the work that I do, I always keep this separate from my personal life. I'm not looking for social or personal relationships as I have a partner with whom I'm extremely happy, so please don’t ask as I wouldn’t want my refusal to offend you. Conversation, however, is fine as part of a valid appointment and this also applies to the relationship advice service that I provide.
12 Q14. So how do I make an appointment?
It's easy! Simply email me at with a note of which massage you'd like to book and when you'd like to come. If you've a few date/time options for me to choose from, this is very helpful. I also appreciate a few sentences about yourself as this allows me to know you a little and focus on your forthcoming visit.
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