The Five Gifts of Tantra

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Though we use these five faculties each day, their profound spiritual value remains essentially unrecognized. The Five Gifts are potentially sacred doorways to knowing the Self. When utilized consciously and regularly they can open us to blissful self-knowledge, wisdom and spiritual understanding.

  • The Gift of Breath:

Breathing is our lifeline to consciousness and to life itself. Conscious breathing or pranayama is the great forerunner to enlightened awareness. Breath practices awaken within us the heights and depths of being, releasing the powerful kundalini-shakti energy that enriches us and keeps us harmoniously connected with the unity of life. It is our mindful connection with the breath that opens to us all of the marvelous avenues of transformation.
The breath cycle is one way that aware beings experience the intimate circle of life.

  • The Gift of Feeling:

Feeling is the essence of the soul. Whatever we allow ourselves to feel we can also heal. The soul heals itself and connects intimately through feeling. Trust in the process of life allows feeling to become a free and liberated aspect of our being.
Remaining conscious of what is present within us as feeling deepens our soul essence-spiritual connectedness.
The Taittriya-Upanishad affirms that, “Ultimate Being verily is but feeling.”

  • The Gift of Touch:

Through touch we become givers and receivers of what is felt in the heart. Loving caring feelings are easily and naturally communicated and transferred through the intimacy and sensitivities of touch. It is through touch that we become alive and meet our beloved heart to heart. To be touched lovingly is indeed to be loved and known in love.
In Tantra, the woman’s body is ritually touched and charged with divine energy by the devoted adept.

  • The Gift of Movement:

Movement is change and it is through movement that our organisms manage and adapt to change in order to create or maintain balance. When couples move in harmony with each other they capture the essence of change within themselves and so are able to master balance within the sacred dance of their loving embrace of rhythm and beauty.
How we move as individuals speaks to our connection with the unity of things and to our relationship with the occurrence of events in life as they unfold. Conscious harmonious movement is at the very heart of Tantra practice.

  • The Gift of awareness:

Of the five gifts, awareness is the most profound and the most mysterious. It is by ‘being aware’ that we become the world and create the world. It is through a shared awareness that we become our beloved and our beloved becomes ourselves. When the awareness’ of two people merges, they have become as one, able to access infinite love and bliss beyond all human understanding.
By expanding awareness in Tantra and other yogas, we merge our being with Divine Being, transcending all of the minds limitations, conceptions and constructs.
In Tantra, because all things are done consciously, we go beyond ‘doing’ and move into ‘being’ through awareness. It is this shared ‘being-ness’ that is the essence and goal of all Tantra massage Singapore  practices.

The Five Gifts of Tantra yield or give the Five ‘Greater’ Blessings:

  • The blessing of freedom
  • The blessing of wisdom
  • The blessing of radiance
  • The blessing of healing
  • The blessing of bliss

And the Twelve ‘Lesser’ Blessings:

Pleasure, sweetness, insight, vitality, command, innocence, humor, lightness, clarity, wonder, beauty and integrity


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