Lingam Massage Singapore

Lingam massage in Singapore

Lingam massage Singapore involves stimulation of the sexual organs, but NOT penetrative sex. Because of this, it is not a form of massage that is usually available at your local spa or health club, but is often Wrongly advertised as a service offered by ‘massage parlors’ aka brothels.

The purpose of the Lingam Massage Singapore is to create a space for the reciver to relax and recive expanded pleasure from his lingam. The Lingam Massage can be used as a form of safer sex ( when latex gloves are used ) and is an excellent process to build trust and intimacy. It is often use to help men heal from negative sexual conditioning and trauma

Ejaculation is NOT the goal of the Lingam massage although it is often a pleasant and welcome side effect. The Goal is to massage the Lingam , also including testicles, Perineum and Sacred Spot ( the Equivalent to the female G-spot ) , and allow the man to surrender to a form of pleasure he may not be used to . From this perspective both reciver and giver relax into the massage.

Men need to learn to Relax and Receive.

Traditional sexual conditioning has the men in a doing and goal oriented mode. The Lingam massage allows the men to experience his softer , more receptive side and experience pleasure from a non-traditional perspective.

Sensual massage performed by gorgeous female masseuses! For the perfect lingam massage, book appointment or call us on: +65 8280 8521

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