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February 8, 2017
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February 10, 2017
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Sensual massage Singapore

People are precious, utterly fascinating, and worthy of study and exquisite care. I like being radically nice to people, and when I am they blossom and become creative in ways that sometimes surprise even me. That’s impressive, because I have high expectations.

I could leave it at that, and you would know all that you need to know about my philosophy. But I’m not one to give up an opportunity to go on…

We are extraordinarily inefficient with our energy systems, both individually and on a mass scale. We treat our bodies the way the settlers of the “New World” treated the vast landscape of natural resource of this lushly abundant country, as if it were a commodity to be exploited. At the heart of this behavior is a truth that we intuit, our natural abundance on this planet IS INDEED UNDEPLETABLE, if we understand and tend our relationship to it. The sustainability movement offers much scientifically supported evidence that a simple shift in perspective is all it would take to move us from ecological crisis back to incredible environmental richness… but of course simple is not always easy. In this case, simple perspective shifts would create a radical re-ordering of global systems, and that’s really not so easy.

This metaphor translates to the body. We use our bodies like beasts of burden to ferry around our brilliant ideas and wealth creation activities. And we over or under-indulge our body’s desires as a way of managing (or medicating) this core imbalance, often creating yet more stress and complication in our lives. This bi-polar perspective on our “mortal coils” costs us more than just our vital energy, it obscures the deeper point of why we are here on this planet. Our bodies are the crown jewel in the creative oeuvre of Evolution!

I invite you to consider a radical perspective shift that has the capacity to re-order your whole world towards glowing health, increased charisma, inspired relationships, and absolute delight in the adventure of life! Experiment with the idea that relaxing the contractions of the body (and heart and mind) will make available to you incredible energy. I invite you to explore how this relaxation can be achieved through loving witness, gentle self-care adjustments, and compassionate companionship.

Our earnest attitude can sometimes be the very block to the results we are trying to achieve. The masculine, linear way of achievement and advancement has served us very well, but it does have its limits. Growth is driven by experimentation, authentic curiosity, and DESIRE! From the outside this can look distracted or even narcissistic, and heaven knows without guidance our explorations can devolve in this very manner! But when we engage our passions with the help of a guide who marries masculine and feminine style of learning, development is supercharged, and the perspective of time shows that it’s as if Evolution Herself were magnetizing us towards our own True North.

I invite you to experiment with immersing yourself in the wisdom of the Divine Feminine. Solace, care, ease, and sweet sweet touch await, and it will transform you in ways you wouldn’t imagine possible!

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