Prostate massage Singapore

Prostate massage Singapore

Prostate Massage Singapore: A breathtaking experience

So you have heard about the G-spot of a woman and are well aware of the fact that you can pleasure her really well if you massage it, but did you know that a man has a G-Spot too? Yes, you heard us right! The G-spot of a man is his prostate gland and when it is massaged for him. If you are a gentleman and happen to visit Singapore, it will do you well to try out prostate massage Singapore. The health and wellness industry in Singapore which is a popular tourist spot of the East is growing in leaps and bounds and there are many reputed and legitimate salons and spas that offer prostate massage Singapore to their clients.

The sacred spot of a man

In ancient Hindu scriptures that is the basis of Tantric massage Singapore, the prostate gland is not only believed to be the seat of the man’s passion and the center of his sexual urges it is the seat of a whole host of emotions too. Thus an authentic prostate massage Singapore will not only be immensely pleasurable for a man and make him cum for a good minute or two, it can turn out to be an intensely emotional experience for him too. Even the strongest of men who think that nothing can move them to tears will be surprised at the feelings that come to the fore after a prostate massage Singapore.

You will find that the prostate massage session has helped you release a tremendous amount of physical and emotional stress. It will help you let go of a wide range of negative emotions such as anger, hurt, frustration that you may have been holding on to. You should definitely opt for a prostate massage Singapore because it will aid your body to activate its self healing powers. It is a very powerful process that makes you aware of your physical self in a manner that you may have never experienced before.

Unless you receive the prostate massage Singapore it is impossible for you to understand what it is like to be totally aware of your sexual energies. These energies are indeed so powerful that they can clear all the negative emotions and activate your aura. You will feel like a renewed man after you have received only one such massage. There are massage therapists in Singapore who are specifically trained in the art of Tantra and are tantric and erotic massage Singapore experts. They are therefore best equipped to give you a prostate massage.

What happens in prostate massage

Unlike any other bodywork or massage therapies this kind of massage requires a lot of physical contact between the giver and the receiver. Both you and your massage therapist will be in the same room and to get you to relax, the therapist will start off with some basic breathing exercises. This will help you relax and get you into the rhythm. Before you begin the massage it is importantly for you to be immaculately clean, so make sure your bowel is clear and you have had a bath right before coming in for your session. Else you may be asked by your therapist to take a shower at the spa itself.

Once you are ready, your therapist will start. You may feel strange and uncomfortable at first, but it’s the therapist’s job to see that you are totally relaxed.  She will also be vocal and encourage you by talking you to your climax. The great thing about the massage is that it puts your body in a rhythm.

If you have never experienced a prostate massage Singapore and are ready for something out of the ordinary, it can indeed turn out to be a once in a lifetime exoerience for you! It is like going on a stupendous adventure and being led into sheer escatcy by a Goddess who is trained to do so!

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