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Outcall tantric massage Singapore
Outcall Tantric Massage
February 8, 2017
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Tantric Massage Singapore

Tantric massage is one of the most liberating, exciting, healing forms of professional sensual massage therapy services available. Most people find tantric massage or any type of sensual massage a little taboo, but tantric massage practice has been undertaken for hundreds of years with medical and sexual benefits both widely documented. Historically, sensual and tantric massage have been accepted as valid healing methods for a variety of physical, emotional and sexual ailments, although they can also be undertaken solely for relaxation and pleasure!

  • Before the Tantric Massage

When you arrive for your massage, your sensual massage therapist will be waiting to greet you, welcome you and make you feel at home. They will have prepared a comfortable environment that they have likely taken the time to ensure conveys a sensual ambience through the use of candles, music and aromatic oils.

Alternatively, your massage therapist may be travelling to your location, in which case they will be able to quickly adapt and help bring an erotic atmosphere to the room.

After your sensual massage therapist has welcomed you, they will probably begin with a friendly conversation about why you decided to get a sensual massage and what you hope to gain from it before outlining the process with you. Often, they will then request you to bathe.

If you have travelled to their location, you will probably be in for a treat – many sensual massage therapists offer a luxurious area in which to bathe, whether that be to shower or in a Jacuzzi. They will likely guide you through this process before leading you to the massage bed.

  • Your Tantric Massage

Of course, the nature of massage will depend on the kind of massage you have chosen to have. In any case, the sensual massage will begin slowly and gradually become more intense. Many massage therapists begin with a softer, teasing touch before progressing to firmer motions with obvious purpose. As you are probably aware, the goal of sensual massage is not for you to reach sexual fulfillment quickly – the massage should be an enjoyable experience that lasts. A big part of what makes a sensual massage so pleasurable is the teasing, which is what your massage therapist will probably focus on.

  • After the Tantric Massage

Many therapists will invite you to bathe again, washing off any oil or gel used as lubrication and assisting you with feeling refreshed. This refreshment coupled with the energising sensation following the massage will result in you feeling like a brand new you.

Massage Types

Choosing to try sensual massage Singapore or tantric massage Singapore for the first time can be daunting. You might feel very vulnerable and exposed, but you need not fear – sensual massage is a wonderful, erotic, enjoyable experience and you are sure to be glad you tried it. If all else fails, keep in mind that your sensual massage therapist is a professional with plenty of experience and will know just how to make you feel at ease and help you enjoy your experience.

Now that you know what to expect, we hope you feel more at ease and ready to explore the pleasurable realm of sensual massage.


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